Let’s get personal!

1My name is Chelsea. I am originally from a very small town in Texas, but I currently live in California in the greater San Diego area. I moved around a bit before and during my time in the Marine Corps, but I am definitely not complaining about where I ended up.

I am happily married to a very handsome and God fearing man. We have created three beautiful children here on earth, and two in heaven. I am currently pregnant with our fourth child. I am due in August and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome another sweet baby into our family. I love being Catholic. I was not born into the Catholic faith, but rather I discovered it during my early teens and dove head first into it in my mid 20’s. I grew up in the protestant bible belt. I went from Baptist, to Methodist, to Presbyterian, back to Baptist, and eventually on to not going to church at all. There was a period of 6-7 years where I did not actively go to church, but my interest in the Catholic faith never faltered.

Where I grew up, I didn’t know many Catholics. In fact, Catholicism was not a popular way of faith. A lot of those misconceptions (worshiping Mary, idolizing saints, etc.) were prominent, so no one that I knew really understood the faith. However, I thought the churches were beautiful, and I hoped to at least get inside of one one day! At fifteen I moved to a bigger city. I was now living with my new (and non-religious) caregivers. A new friend of mine invited me to Mass. I was SO EXCITED, but nervous all at the same time. The church we went to was St. Thomas Aquinas in College Station, Texas. I remember not knowing what was going on, but at the same time I was enamored with the words, the songs, the process…. it was beautiful.

My heart longed for understanding, and the courage to pursue this new spark in my life. However, I would not get to experience another mass until several years later when I finally put my foot down as an adult and made it happen. I became Catholic on August 16, 2014. The RCIA process was a wonderful learning experience. The RCIA director at my parish worked with me and allowed me to do a lot of the learning at home. The classes were Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, and I had two small children and a husband who was a Drill Instructor at the time. She understood how badly I wanted to be Catholic, and really did her best to accommodate my schedule. I am forever grateful for her help and dedication.

After my time in the Marine Corps I started going to college full time. I study Public Health at San Diego State University. My biggest passions are childhood obesity, health education, and preventative healthcare. I will be graduating soon, and I will hopefully roll into the grad program I am applying for in October for in Health Science Education. This has been a long process, but the information I have learned is priceless.

I hope you enjoy the blog. I will be dipping into everything, doing giveaways, and releasing a really cool project soon!

Thank you for supporting me. God bless!